Learn From The Father of American Judo
The Book, "Judo From The Beginning" the revised edition; is a Martial Arts Classic by the late, great O-Sensei, Phil Porter. He coached over 1,000 national and international medalists. The only instructional book containing actual contest photos to illustrate the techniques! Now for the new Low Price of $19.99, it can be yours! GET YOUR COPY TODAY.

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This Book contains nearly 100% actual fighting Photos. Contains 15 chapters. Over forty detailed, fighting drawings and over 131 Photographs. Easy to learn and easy to teach. Instructions on rear, forward, and body throws and their defenses. Holds, chokes, armlocks along with escapes and counter moves. See Sample Pictures

Actual Contest Pictures

“The goal of Judo, the harmonious perfection of human character, is only attainable through devotion to practice.”
—O-Sensei Porter

Proven Champion Maker

“There is an unwritten law of Martial Arts. It is: You never ask for rank. On the other hand, you cannot refuse to accept rank from your teacher.”
—O-Sensei Porter

Over 1,000 Medalist

“Technique takes you only so far. Winners win and losers lose because they have or lack that special something that goes beyond simple Judo techniques.”
—O-Sensei Porter

50 Plus Year Career

“The coach learns along with the students. If he fails to exercise his creativity, his originality, he will fail to learn to coach. It is that simple.”
—O-Sensei Porter